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Mary is a thoughtful practitioner with a wonderful calm and strong presence, I have been receiving acupuncture from her for over 12 years. She has helped me with a variety of my autoimmune disorders from hyperthyroidism to asthma, sinus infections to environmental allergies. The relief she has provided from my symptoms has been incredible. Stepping into her office at each visit I feel a sense of calm and relief knowing that the treatment she is providing will help my body to heal.

-Chris A. (Portland, Maine)

My friends have had a great deal of success with acupuncture and I always wanted to try it. However, I never took the step because I didn't want to go to just anyone. A dear friend introduced me to Mary and mentioned that she is an acupuncturist. Mary is calm, patient and knowledgeable. I decided to take "the step" and had a treatment. Now I understand why so many people have regular treatments. The overall health benefits are amazing. Mary's years of experience and expertise, as well as the relaxed environment have turned me into a true supporter of the profession and especially Mary and her practice!

-Cindi F (Farmington, ME)

Mary Lello is everything one could hope for as a health care provider. We have been working together to resolve complex referred pain and fatigue from Lyme Disease with great success. After a decade of undiagnosed Lyme I began working with a Naturopath who referred me to Mary as part of an integrative protocol. I was hoping for a little pain relief and a bit more energy, what I got was my life back. Mary tackled all of my issues whether I knew them or not. She is intuitive and compassionate in her diagnosis and treatment of the whole person. With the utmost respect and gratitude, I highly recommend Mary Lello for whatever ails you.

-Linda Jones (Rangeley, ME)

Mary Lello has been treating me with acupuncture for almost sixteen years. Mary's acupuncture treatments have helped me resolve my severe pain associated with fibromyalgia . Having acupuncture on a regular basis also helps insomnia. Benefits from acupuncture are cumulative and age deifying. I recommend Mary Lello's acupuncture be experienced for many health issues including allergies.

-Nancy Jones (Portland, ME)

I started going to Mary because I’d had migraine headaches. I had no idea whether or not acupuncture would work – but it did. It’s the only thing that’s ever worked. Now, I go just twice a year for what I call “tune-ups.” Mary works with you to figure out ways for you to feel better and be healthier. She’s open and straightforward about acupuncture – and this is the key. I think it can seem like a big mystery when you first try it but Mary is so warm and so honest that it dissolves any apprehension. I’ve recommended her many, many times because she’s fantastic. You’ll love her.

-Stephanie (Portland, ME)

Acupuncture might just be one of my favorite things in the world! I went in for a calf issue but also mentioned a headache that has been plaguing me all day. I left Mary Lello's office headache free, feeling brand new! I can't wait to see how my calf feels while running tomorrow.  

-Anne (Farmington, ME)

Mary is a life-saver! Not only has my 20-year hip pain improved tremendously, but she has such a gentle touch for everything else that ails me. If she notices a cough I get a special herb treatment; if she notices tension in my shoulders, she remedies them with her marvelous methods. The other added benefit of this time is the opportunity for me to slow down and really listen to my body and relax. It is my peaceful healing moment (and I even find myself dozing off because I am so relaxed!). I look forward to my visits every time!!!!   

-S.R. (Farmington, ME)